Does your company need a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed for managing contacts. Using this kind of software enables you to keep in touch with your leads and customers. Create a complete view of your  customers, including history. Create a database with important information about your (key) contacts, so you can analyze the information and use it to develop a healthy business strategy. 

What does a CRM add to the organization?

By using (and updating) a CRM, you create a database with important data about your clients. By analyzing this data you create an insight in the sales process. This helps you to pinpoint opportunities.

If you use a CRM you can tell:

  • Who  your most valuable customers are
  • Which services (or products) they buy from your organization
  • How often you contacted a customer
  • Which kind of communication they prefer (email, social media, by telephone)

Use this information to determine targets and set goals.

Why should you invest in CRM?

What would you do if your best salesman decides to leave your company? Did he share all his valuable insights about customers with colleagues (by adding it in CRM), or is it likely that he will be taking this information somewhere else?

Using online software enables your salespeople to access all critical information from anywhere, with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can prepare for meetings, from anywhere.

Easily add notes, reports or schedule new appointments. Access important files, get a  real-time view, improve collaboration and close deals faster.

Create opportunities

So if your sales personell decide to quit… You have the opportunity to inform all your customers. Tell them who will replace him and how they can reach their new accountmanager. Use this occasion to make your customers a good offer or share an update about your latest product.  

Good luck!

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